This past Saturday, 39 developers met up at 10am at The Bocoup Loft here in Boston to spend 8 hours working on patches for WordPress core. Mark Jaquith and Andrew Nacin gave the group an introduction to core contributing and hand picked some tickets to tackle. Not only was it an amazing learning experience for everyone involved but the group crossed 8 tickets off the list and a few others on the list for the 3.6 development cycle.

Event Breakdown

We kicked off the event with coffee and snacks while everyone got settled. At around 11am, Andrew Nacin and Mark Jaquith hopped onto a Google Hangout to give the group an intro to contributing to core as well as an inside look at some of the major changes coming up in 3.6.

After the hangout, everyone broke up into groups to start tackling some tickets. Luckily we were joined by a few core committers willing to give out fresh tickets and lend a hand to those becoming familiar with core.

The rest of the day consisted of lunch from Sebastian’s, red bulls, Vitamin water and more snacks. We used to share our tunes and IRC for chat. There was a good 5 hour stretch after lunch where a bulk of the hacking took place and we finally wrapped up a little before 6pm.

Shout Outs

We would like to give a huge shout out to Mel Choyce and Kelly Dwan for making the event come to life. The rest of the team also did a great job helping everything come together and making it a great time.

The event also would not have been possible without the help of our awesome sponsors. Our sponsors are the reason we get to do cool things and have helped us foster an amazing community. Specifically we would like to thank the WordPress Foundation, 10Up and Oomph for their generous contributions and presence at the event. We would also like to thank Bocoup for letting us use their space which could not have been more perfect for the event.

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended and helped make the event a success. The community came together to teach and learn while working toward a common goal. Hopefully everyone walked away with something; whether it was a personal goal like contributing to core or just learning a little more about the inner workings of WordPress.

Let Us Know What You Think!

If you came, please give us your feedback. We’re interested in trying this again and want your thoughts and ideas to help make it better.

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