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February’s meetup is a reschedule of the canceled one in January.

Happy New Year everyone!  We start off 2013 with new topics and even more WordPress!  This month’s meetup is sponsored by Upstatement!

Formed by a group of college friends who started their design careers in the newsrooms of The Boston Globe, New York Times, and Houston Chronicle, Upstatementmakes editorially-driven websites for media and technology companies. Since forming in 2008, we have completed projects for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, One Laptop Per Child, MIT Media Lab, and most recently The Boston Globe’s ground-breaking new website.

7:00-7:40 Networking/Food
7:45-7:55 Opening Remarks
7:55-8:55 Talks:

WordPress Templates are Broken (But We Can Fix Them!) by Jared Novack (@jaredNova) 
WordPress is awesome — but the loop isn’t. Even simple site requirements can turn your home.php file into a muck of code. Clean markup? Good luck. At Upstatement, we wanted better templates. So we built them. We created Timber which demystifies the loop, supports easy customization, and helps you write cleaner code.

Jared Novack of Upstatement will take you through how we’ve integrated Twig (a template language like Mustache, Hogan and Handlebars) into WordPress to speed-up code, testing, and design.

Web Typography: WordPress and Beyond by Mel Choyce (@melchoyce) With the rapid popularization of web fonts, type on the web has never been more exciting! We’ll learn a bit about basic typographic principles, review techniques and services for integrating web fonts into your WordPress sites, and finally conclude with a bit of speculation on where type on the web is heading.

Mel Choyce is a UI designer who is passionate about WordPress. She is currently a user experience apprentice at Fresh Tilled Soil.

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