This month’s meetup is sponsored by WP Engine:

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6:30-7:00 Networking/Food

7:00-7:10 Opening Remarks

7:15-7:55 Talk 1

7:55-8:30 Talk 2


Talk 1 [DEV]: Importing any content into WordPress using WP-CLI by Kelly Dwan (@ryelle)

Importing content from another CMS is something that makes everyone a little wary, especially if the other CMS has been customized at all. In this talk, we’ll go over how to map your existing data (regardless of CMS) to the WordPress content structure. The second half of the talk will run through how to use WP-CLI to write a script to move your data.
Bio: Kelly will fill one out!


Talk 2: An Introduction to Child Themes: How to make a good theme even better by Jonathan May

Have you found a theme that you like a lot, but it’s not exactlywhat you’re looking for?  Maybe you just want to apply some basic styling changes — like use a different font family for the body text, or make the headings a little smaller — that the theme settings don’t allow you to conrol.  Or perhaps you want to use a page layout that the theme doesn’t support?  Child themes provide a way to make these and any number of other customizations to your theme without requiring you to “tweak” the code in your chosen theme.  This talk will show you what you  need to get started.  (P.S.: No, you don’t have to be a theme developer code jockey to create a useful child theme..)

Bio:  Jonathan May is President and Founder of an e-Marketing consultancy that specializes in website design and development with WordPress, and delivering customized training and in-classroom training courses in WordPress for students with all levels of WordPress experience.

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