The team at is excited about sponsoring our first WordCamp at WordCamp Boston!  At we’re all about writing and what better place to talk about writing than at WordCamp, surrounded by a prodigiously passionate community of blogging awesomeness (See… I told you we are excited).

Our mission at is to evolve writing for the web and with WordPress, now representing almost 20% of the web. While so many applications depend on visual editing today, delivering a fantastic user experience remains a challenge.  That’s why we’ve created  We understand that the state of the visual editor is one of the key challenges many face when using WordPress, and we want to work with the WordPress community to change that.

The team at comes with years of experience creating visual editors for enterprise applications, but we feel that the time is right for a new approach using the latest technologies from HTML5 through to cloud-based APIs. has only just launched in beta, but it already has some great features in a combination you won’t find in any other visual editor on the web.  

  • Media embedding.  Simply copy a media URL from YouTube, Vimeo, or hundreds of other services. connects with media services to turn URLs into rich media directly in their content.
  • Autocorrect and spell check as-you-type.’s built in spell checking service runs in the background as-you-type saving you from embarrassing mistakes. Check content as-you-type rather than waiting until the deadline.
  • Markdown support.  Whether writing is your passion or you just have an aversion to mice,’s markdown support will mean your fingers never have to leave the keyboard.
  • Snippets.  Extend markdown with your own personalizations using Snippets.  Snippets use’s macro, enabling users to write a snippet but insert a passage – or any HTML for that matter.
  • Over 800 emoticons. They’ve been loved (and sometimes hated) on iOS. Now makes the complete emoji character set available for WordPress.  

So if you’re as interested in an improved writing experience in WordPress as we are, then come and talk to us at WordCamp Boston.  We’d love to get your feedback and insight.  Together we can create the next generation of visual editing for the web.



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