So the new Keurig 2.0 brewing machine gives you a new touch screen, customizable settings, a carafe option, and a 70 oz. water reservoir.  All of these options are great and give people an ability to not only have a fresh brewed cup of coffee but the ability to brew a carafe to share with others instead of having to brew each cup individually.  In an attempt to regain what money Keurig has lost with the loss of its licencing of the K-Cup in 2012 and all of the private label K-Cups on the market it has made it so the new Keurig 2.0 machine only works with Keurig labeled cups.  

I understand most people would consider this a turn off from buying it as being able to buy the private label cups has been what is appealing to most.  For now there is now shortage of older model Keurig brewers that can fit the bill.  For those people who happened to have bought the Keurig 2.0 as it was the latest and greatest only to find their older PS2 style games… I mean private label K-Cups would not work in this new system there is hope have only one machine and to regain counter space in the precious real estate that is your kitchen.

When I first tried to brew the Bigelow brand Green Tea K-Cup in the new Keurig 2.0 machine and the screen said please insert a recognized K-Cup, I was first upset and thought well that is a waste of money.  I started to examine the old K-Cup's and also the new K-Cup's to try to see how and what the differences were.  Only real difference was that the new ones had Keurig written around its edge.  So late one night when I wanted a cup of green tea I set out to see if there was a way around this pesky DRM issue of needing to throw good money after bad.

I decided to cut out the the ring around the top of the K-Cup.  So I am now left with just the outer ring that the K-Cup would rest on while in the machine.  I then put it on top of an older K-Cup and attempted to brew a cup.  It fit a little snug and there was a slight gap when then machine was closed but sure enough it brewed my cup of tea.  I was able to get the new Keurig 2.0 machine to brew an older K-Cup.  So the next time I tried it did not register it so I then decided to place it under the lip of thew K-Cup so that there was no chance if it moving around and it brewed as expected.  So with the new method of putting it under the top lip instead of on top was a sure way to be able to continue brewing any cup of my choosing.

I do appreciate the convenience of being able to brew a single cup of coffee or tea whenever I like but attempting to force me into only buying one brand is a little aggravating.  You are saying there is not enough business to go around when there is plenty of business.  Learn to lower the cost or improve the quality of your K-Cups and maybe people would buy your brand instead of going with the private label brands.

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