You know how important images are in the world of online marketing. I don’t need to tell you that 65% of the people who visit your site are visual learners, or that infographics are a tried-and-tested means of producing viral content. And you’re not in the least bit surprised that blog posts with images receive 94% more views than those without. So rather than going down that road, let’s instead explore the ways you can leverage WordPress to get the most out of your images. Below you will find 10 code snippets that will enable you to use images more effectively in WordPress. And I don’t need to tell you that’s a good thing, right? (Unless otherwise stated, all code snippets should be inserted into your functions.php file.) 1. Remove Automatic JPEG Compression Ensuring that your images are as small (and therefore quick to load) as practically possible is vital, which is why I so heartily recommend the WP and TinyPNG for WordPress plugins, which compress JPEGs and PNGs so effectively that you are highly unlikely to notice the difference. If you have those plugins installed and you’re compressing your images as you see fit yourself, you almost certainly don’t need WordPress’ built
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