The purpose of this article is to demonstrate a way of using Twitter as a tool to measure your own brand influence. To better illustrate this I am going to use the study of our own Twitter account which at this point follows 1,500 Twitter users. How did we come up with those? Couple of months ago we reset people we follow to near zero and then started from scratch. This was just an autumn clean-up which was initiated with no particular reason. However an idea was quickly born. The goal is to use Twitter to follow only the most influential people in your market is (for us it is WordPress, more precisely WordPress developers and designers). These would be people whose opinion you respect, who are moving the field and whom one day you’d ideally love to have as customers. Here is how to find them: Look for Twitter lists from known established, trusted individuals (you probably know a few in your market to begin with). Like this. Look for Twitter lists from relevant industry events (these will be speaker and attendees lists). Like this. Feel free to occasionally drop in an ‘influencer’ that is not necessarily directly involved with your market but is huge elsewhere, and you have respect
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