This post isn’t about telling you to go and install plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast, Jetpack, or Contact Form 7. You probably already know about their existence, and very likely have them on your site already. For most bloggers, they are … what’s the word … obvious. And don’t get me wrong, as great as those plugin are, being constantly hit over the head with yet another “Top 10 WordPress Plugins” list that praises them has become rather tiring. That’s why we’ve decided to go another route with the resource you’re reading right now. Instead of listing the top and most popular plugins in the WordPress world, we’re focusing on team non-obvious. That being said, this isn’t just a list of some obscure creations, but rather a cool set of original plugins that can give you great benefits despite being a little lesser known out there. So, to find out what those non-obvious plugins might be, we invited 30 experts to share their input on the matter. Here’s the question that was asked of them: What 3 non-obvious plugins would you advise every WordPress blogger to have? Without further ado, here’s the leaderboard – the plugins that kept popping up the most: The top voted non-obvious WordPress
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