As a service provider I know it is always in my own best interest to provide my customers with something that they are able to use easily and without frustration or confusion. While this is never the reason clients come to me and is never the problem they ask me to ultimately solve, I know that the rest is useless if it is built on top of a platform which is beyond the technical capabilities of my client or simply incompatible with their unique style and expectations. If a client cannot use a website that I provide them, what good is it? Also, from a more selfish perspective, how productive can I be if I have to spend much of my time training and supporting sites which my clients struggle with. Anyone who has been doing this for as long as I have knows that training and support, while important, can seem like an anchor which prohibits growth and the ability to take on new, exciting projects. For these and other reasons, I believe that admin user experience cannot be underemphasized. Quite often it is an afterthought for WordPress designers and developers who take for granted how simple WordPress is to use. This is a topic I’ve spoken on at many WordCamps and meetups and have also released
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