At the beginning of 2015, I decided to try something new on WP Human — moving the WordPres site to cloud hosting, . My first new year resolution gone wrong quickly. Besides the limits you find in the official document, I am showing you some of my thoughts on Heroku WordPress hosting. 1. Heroku’s Ephemeral Filesystem Each dyno(Heroku’s term on its servers) gets its own ephemeral filesystem. When you uploaded an image, the image is stored on one of the dyno only. Worse still, the images will be erased after dyno restart. Here comes the solution: Use Amazon S3. Brad Touesnard have written an excellent plugin for hooking S3 into WordPress’ media library seamlessly. Besides, you need to stop editing the source code from WP admin. Add these two lines into wp-config.php Also, auto WordPress core / theme / plugin updates should be disabled. This handy plugin by WP Human does the job. Managing the updates by Git or Dropbox is necessary. Moreover, the ephemeral filesystem might break your caching and minifying plugins. I use Batcache with the Memcachier add-on on WP Human. 2. Heroku doesn’t Send Emails To send emails from Heroku dyno, you must use a SMTP service as Mandrill or SendGrid. Both
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