To speed up WordPress load time, the WP rocket plugin is the best choice for you.This plugin comes with some great features, which helps to boost page speed easily. Gzip compression, lazy loading images, cache preload, CDN support, minify CSS, HTML and JavaScript are the some of the best features of WP rocket plugin. Lazy Load : Lazy Load displays images on a page only when they are visible to the user.This wp rocket plugin reduces the number of HTTP requests and improves the loading time Minify CSS, HTML and JS files Minify JavaScript, HTML and CSS files to increase load time. Minification removes any spaces and comments present in the CSS and JavaScript files.This WP rocket plugin reduces the weight of each file and allows a faster reading of browsers and search engines.Concatenation combines all CSS and JavaScript files. Mobile Cache: If your WordPress blog getting much traffic from mobiles, then enable this option.Even for responsive design websites, it's very useful feature to improve page speed on mobile devices. The W3 total cache and WP super cache are free plugins and do the same work for you.But WP rocket is a premium plugin and speed up your WordPress blog even more.Download
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