Last month Zend — “the PHP company” — announced a new debugging solution for their integrated application platform Zend Server. It’s called Z-Ray and claims to be a revolutionary new addition to a PHP developer’s toolkit. Z-Ray also helps with debugging WordPress, so I wanted to tell you a bit more about it. I know that I’m a bit late to the party talking about this solution. At first I wanted to write about debugging WordPress in general, but now that’s something for another post. Alright, now what is Zend Server exactly? Zend explains it like this: Zend Server is an application platform designed to run PHP applications faster and scale better. It is available as a development platform for creating higher quality apps that can be deployed on any server; and a production platform for running mission critical applications that require high performance and scalability. It’s essentially a rather expensive ( $20/user/month) all-in-one solution for web development companies that includes the Z-Ray debugging toolkit. I think this video explains it a bit better than I could: As you can see, debugging WordPress with Z-Ray is pretty straightforward. You don’t even need a plugin for it, because
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