Every now and again, I’ll get asked what plugin or solution I’m using on this blog to achieve a certain effect or result. Because I use self-hosted WordPress to power this blog, it means there’s a crazy amount of add-ons, plugins and other optimization and performance solutions for bloggers to choose from. While that choice is great, it can also be overwhelming. Since I’m a self-confessed geek that likes to try out pretty much most things on this blog in the name of experimentation, I’ve used a fair few solutions in the six-plus years I’ve been blogging here. It’s been a while since I last took a look at what’s underneath, so here’s what’s currently powering my blog, and why you might want to consider it for yours. To make it easier (in case you’re already really happy with your sharing solution, for example, but looking to get more server speed), I’ve separated them into four main categories. If you want to both build and offer a great blog experience, you need to follow these four key disciplines. Click To Tweet While some plugins may crossover into other categories, I’ve gathered them into the following areas: Security Optimization Visibility Growth The solutions below are a mix
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