I’ve been working on a new theme that allows users to select certain pages in the customizer, and then display those pages out on a “showcase” template. I think this is pretty useful functionality and wanted to share how I implemented it. Add Settings, Controls and Sanitization First, we’ll need to the page select boxes to the customizer. In the code below, I add a new customizer section called “Showcase”. Then, I loop through the add_setting / add_control functionality in order to display four distinct page select boxes. I’ve also created a function called “prefix_get_pages_array” which returns an array of all the pages to be used both by the controls and the sanitization function. You’ll notice it sorts the pages alphabetically, and indents sub-pages slightly with an em dash when output in the select box. Finally, I have a sanitization function which makes sure the selected page is actually a valid choice. Here’s what that all looks like: Display Page Selections in a Template I’ve seen various ways of outputting pages based on selections, but I like my method because it uses a single query and sorts pages based on the order they were selected. Here’s what that looks like: You may
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