Review of: Landing Theme WordPress Theme: Themify Reviewed by: Brin Wilson Rating: 5 On February 24, 2015 Last modified:February 24, 2015 Summary: An incredible drag-and-drop WordPress theme built specifically for creating landing-page-type websites in WordPress, Landing is an excellent new theme from Themify... Drag-and-drop page builders are all well and good for people who don’t like to — or don’t have the time to learn how to — code. Coder or not however, when it comes to creating an attractive landing page you’ll likely find yourself at an almost complete loss if you’re not a professional web designer and all you have to work from is a blank canvas! Luckily, there’s a number of companies who’ve come to realize this and begun to fill the gap by creating drag-and-drop page builders that come with various pre-built designs/templates from which to work from — such as Themify (one of the leaders in the WordPress drag-and-drop themes and plugins arena). Looking to put together a visually-stunning landing-page-type site with minimal fuss and — most importantly — without having to employ the services of a seasoned designer? Take a look at ‘Landing‘ — a brand new drag-and-drop WordPress
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