Announcing Pods Integration with CMB2 for Pods 3.0 If you’ve been following recent news in the land of Metadata and Custom Fields, you know that Justin Sternberg over at WebDevStudios recently announced their official release of CMB2 as a replacement for the old Custom Metaboxes and Fields, commonly referred to as CMB. The Pods team has been anxiously awaiting their formal announcement so we could let our own users know our own news: We’ll be incorporating CMB2 into the upcoming release of Pods 3.0 to support many new features of this release, most notably the long anticipated Loop and Repeating Fields. These fields allow users to create one field that can have multiple values, or create a group of fields with multiple values. To facilitate answering everyone’s questions about the upcoming implementation, we had an informal Q&A with Justin Sternberg and Scott Kingsley Clark to explain how we were handling the work, what it would mean to both projects, and to answer any concerns our users might be having about the integration. You can watch the recorded YouTube session below and read some of the recap of the Q&A as well. As always if you have any questions, please feel free to drop us
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