As the world changes… Today, on Twitter, I saw this chart that I had to click on and visit the original site (The Economist) to read more details. The article isn’t new – it’s been out a bit – but the message isn’t one I’d spent a lot of time thinking about. The world is growing. No doubt…but in places where most people haven’t developed a lot of competency when it comes to managing resources. Ask yourself, how ready are you to hire and lead staff from India, China, Pakistan or Bangladesh? So will WordPress… WordPress is growing – powering 23% of the web. More importantly, over 50% of the sites created last year used WordPress. It’s happening around the world, which is why both Matt Mullenweg and Andrew Nacin spoke about internationalization so much this last year at WordCamp San Francisco. You can view their talks here and here. So the codebase and the project will embrace more and more globalization. But what does that mean for you? And so should you. As the world changes, and as WordPress changes, you will need to change too, right? Over the years I’ve regularly hired engineering staff from a variety of countries (like India, Bangladesh, Brazil, and Mexico, among others). Now, in
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