7 Must-Haves for Your Website

by Rediko Beach (@reikob)

What has your website done for you lately? Are you up on the latest trends? Do you know if your website is working for you?? In this presentation we will give you some ways to improve your web presence so you can draw more business from your WordPress website.

Some of the topics we will cover: Branding, Organization, Content Management, Analytics, SEO, Social Media, the rise of usage of tablets and phones.

About Reiko Beach: Using WordPress for clients and self since 2008. Work with beginners and intermediate users helping them thru workshops and individually. Owner TRB Design, Inc. providing WordPress websites and Maintenance Plans for WordPress websites.

Releasing Themes on WordPress.org

by Kelly Dwan (@ryelle)

Want to make and share awesome themes for other WordPress users? This talk will go over the process for submitting themes to WordPress.org and what happens in a review. We’ll also go over some common issues & best practices, so there’s something to learn even if you don’t want to release your themes.

Kelly is a Code Wrangler at Automattic and a WordPress contributor.

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