WordPress Logins are probably one of the least touched–upon subjects as far as WordPress theme design is concerned, but it can really help create a unique look and feel for a client’s website, or even your own! Here’s how to easily make a login of your own without the need of a plugin. Why make a custom login? Most websites that are WP–driven all have the same login design; the generic WordPress packaged design. However, there may be clients that want their brand to be seen across the whole website, including the backend. I’ll be showing how I made the custom login design for Janna Hagan’s website, A Student’s Guide to Web Design. It’s fairly simple, and you can use your own custom CSS and jQuery without the need of a plugin. Why not just use BM Custom Login? I really liked the BM Custom Login plugin until the second version as it is very different to the first. The current version is a bit crazy, and I try and use as little plugins as I can since I’d like my sites to load fast. ;-) Anyway enough of that, let’s dig in! Template Hierarchy The cool thing about this method is I can keep all the necessary files within the template itself, so everything is kept organized and easy to reference,
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