As a result of the improvements to the Customizer API in WordPress 4.0 and 4.1, developers now have access to a wider array of controls and parameters that allow them to extend the feature for more varied uses beyond themes. The new Custom Login Customizer plugin is a prime example of making the customizer available outside of a theme-related context. The plugin adds its own panel to the customizer with a myriad of options for customizing the design of your site’s login page. Custom Login Customizer allows you to customize nearly every aspect of the login form, including the following: Set a login logo, along with width, height, and padding Add a background, select background color and size Set a background for the form Adjust form styling – width, height, padding, border Style input field width, margin, background, and input/label colors Color picker for button background, border, hover background/border, button box shadow Select text colors Add custom CSS I tested the plugin and found it works smoothly as advertised. Once installed, navigate to Appearance > Login Customizer in order to launch your login page in the customizer while still being logged in. Custom Login Customizer was
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