The Customizer Theme Switcher feature plugin was approved for merge today during the regularly scheduled WordPress core development meeting. Lead developers and contributors in attendance agreed that there are no major blocking issues. The Customizer Theme Switcher in WordPress 4.2 will make it possible for users to browse through themes that have already been installed and activate a new one on the frontend via the customizer. The idea is to unify the UI designated for customizing a site to create a more consistent experience for users on the frontend. In the future, the theme installation process will also be added to the customizer. Many users initially had concerns about adding this feature to the narrow customizer UI. “I would like to see a full-screen iteration so it doesn’t feel like I am looking through a port hole,” Andrew Nacin said during the development meeting. His comment echoes the concerns of others who have doubts about browsing themes through the small customizer window. In response to WP Tavern commenters who oppose the new feature, project leader Nick Halsey encouraged users to examine how the customizer will force developers to simplify their UIs: I’ll also point
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