As of this month, I’m working part-time for required+, a UX & WordPress agency based in Switzerland. One of my first tasks was to clean up one of our most popular WordPress plugins and submit it to the Plugin Repository. The plugin is called WP Team List and allows you to easily display all your blog authors anywhere on your WordPress site. First of all, WP Team List is very easy to setup and work with. It leverages the powerful user system of WordPress and creates almost no overhead. After installing the plugin, a small option is added to user profiles where you can globally set the visibility status of each user for the team list. For example, you don’t want to list your admin account on your site, so hiding it makes sense. The plugin offers you three options to display the team list: a shortcode, a widget, and a template tag (i.e. PHP function). Personally I prefer the shortcode, because it offers a nice UI and preview when using the Shortcake plugin. You can choose to only display users with a specific role and how they should be ordered (e.g. by name or post count). For example, this would return all admins ordered by the number of posts they’ve written, sorted in
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