Many WordPress users like the platform because of its power, flexibility, relative ease of use, and large array of both free and premium plugins and themes. In short, they like it because its empowering. Increasingly so for non-coders who are able to take advantage of the WordPress ecosphere’s increasing array of turn-key solutions for complex development needs. You can do just about anything with WordPress these days given the right theme and plugins. But that doesn’t mean theme or plugin functionality is always the best option. That’s where code snippets come in. And I promise, they’re not as intimidating as they may sound to those who don’t like to mess with code (or who can’t code at all). Learning how to use code snippets the way I’m going to show you in this post is basically the most powerful use of copy and past within WordPress you will ever encounter. Which also means its easy enough for anyone who can use a basic word processor. So let’s get into it! What Are WordPress Code Snippets? A code snippet is a small bit of PHP code that you can use to add new or extend existing functionality on your WordPress website. Why Code Snippets Instead of Plugins or Theme Functions? As a
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