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Joshua Strebel is the founder and CEO of Pagely, a managed WordPress hosting solution. He is also one of the great minds behind PressNomics—a 3-day event where passionate and successful entrepreneurs gather together to create the products and services that drive the WordPress economy.

You can find Josh online at Pagely and on Twitter @strebel.

Sippin’ on

Brad – Old Leg Humper Porter

Dre – Diet Coke

Josh - Stella Artois

Pressing topics

First WordPress Video Ad

Matt Mullenweg interview comparing WordPress competitor spending, and how it may manifest itself in advertisements.

First Dedicated Conference

One day conference in Phoenix featuring WordPress bloggers, focused on .com publishing.

Bar tricks

Brad – Professional WordPress

Dre – Weekly Blog Challenge, a group for people who have committed to writing a post a week.

Josh PressNomics Facebook Group 

Upcoming events

PrestigeConf – February 27-28

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