Social Streams is a free plugin for WordPress that will allow you to display the latest tweets and instagram photos on your website based around search results or hashtags. The plugin provides a nice responsive grid of results and is updated every 15 minutes, a pro version is available which will update in real-time. The Social Streams plugin is created by digital agency, Briteweb, you can view the plugin in action on their site here. Examples in Use Here are some examples of sites which use this plugin so you can get an idea of possible uses. It is used here by a desert catering company, Marked Edible Designs, to show off their instagram photos of their creations and tweets from their company account. The Life Observed is a photography blog which posts daily photos, Social Streams is used here to show their instagram feed. Hungry for Happiness is a Health and Entrepreneurship blog, their use of Social Streams is to show tweets and photos around the #hungryforhappiness hashtag. The HTML500, Is a Canadian coding workshop, it uses Social Streams to display the social media buzz at each event. Using The Plugin After you upload and activate the plugin, you will need to login to Twitter
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