When Frito-Lay’s design team approached us about building a new tool for managing their creative projects, we were extremely stoked. The most exciting part was being able to use the best tool for the job–WordPress. Using just the admin side of WordPress we created a full-blown project management system which allowed us to reimagine what the WordPress admin can do as a Basecamp-like management tool for design approvals. Designing the elements To design the app, we chose to view the design as a breakdown of elements instead of focusing on page design. We know WordPress like the back of our hand and have a pretty good handle on the myriad of widgets, buttons, text snippets, and interface elements inside the WordPress admin. By designing individual and group elements and then stitching those elements together into viewable comps we were able to create a useful design inventory for visual consistency throughout the app, and quickly move to rapid prototyping. The Workflow We created custom workflows within the admin that allows projects to go through various stages of approval and review. Using custom post statuses, we set up triggers that fire off emails to various stakeholders at different
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