What would be the ideal work process for you? Is it handling the design division of a large client of yours, or to work with several small business owners and help them accomplish more – or maybe partner up with a designer while taking care of the technical infrastructure? You know what you’re capable of and you can assess your perfect client. So focus entirely on them – revamp your website and portfolio in a way that is attractive for that target group, build relevant content for these customers, and network with them as much as possible. The $200 Client There is always a $200 client asking you to build their website. Even though you are not going to work with them under these terms, eventually they will find a college student or a junior freelancer who would be willing to build it for them. Why would you decline their offer in the first place? Because you know your way around WordPress, and you know what a regular website needs in order to shine: you need to set up decent managed hosting; build a beautiful custom theme (or find a well-coded one); set up the right environment; make sure that the usability and sales funnel is right; help with their content marketing; and optimize the
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