I received the gift of Xbox One for Christmas this year and in between sessions on Dragon Age and Destiny I have done a little web browsing and found it is surprisingly good, I have not been a fan of using internet on consoles before but Microsoft have built a solid experience. The browser is based on Internet Explorer 10 so if your site works well in that, which it should, your site should function on Xbox just fine. Of course, when browsing from your couch, things are a little different – you will be sitting a lot further away from the screen than you would on a PC, maybe 10 feet away from the screen so there are some considerations you should take into account if you want to optimize the experience for Xbox browsing which is the subject of today’s guide. You probably wont be reading through posts on WPLift or doing your online banking, so what types of website would benefit from being optimized for couch browsing ? The types of website I can see benefiting from this would be sites aimed at gamers such as forums, walk-through guides, image galleries, video sites, and social media sites such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter etc. In partnership with Microsoft If you would like to provide
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