I did a talk on accessibility this past Monday evening at Madison JavaScript, hosted at Widen Enterprises. The entire keynote is now over on Speaker Deck, so I thought that I would share it with you here. Here’s a list of the 16 questions that were proposed to help you determine whether your web project is accessible: Can I easily access all parts of the site with the keyboard only? Can I easily see where keyboard focus is? Can I easily access all functionality with the keyboard only? Does the keyboard tab order make sense? Are the links obviously links? Do all links provide enough information to state where they lead to? Do all images have appropriate alternate text? (appropriate may mean empty ie alt=””) Do all videos have captions? Are the page titles unique and meaningful? Do pages have appropriate headings and subheadings? Are ARIA landmark roles present? Can I resize text in a page without breaking the layout? Is any of the text fully justified? Do all form fields have an accompanying label? Is the color contrast sufficient? Is meaning conveyed by color or shape only? Below is a video recording of my presentation, along with a demo of iMDone by Jesse Piascik: Thanks to everyone
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