In today’s post I will share with you all how to display your recently updated post date automatically as you update your content. Currently how WordPress is set once you publish a post it displays the time and date you have publish that post depending on your setup. The issue I find with that is if you have content that needs to be constantly update like we do at 85ideas then standard WP format is not the best practice. For example this very post was written in 2015 but a year from now the WordPress core code could have changed and we would then update this post to let you know this information is still upto date. Ok so without further ados lets look at the code we need to make this happen. I must stress especially for beginners to back up your site first before making any changes. First you need to open these three files: index.php single.php page.php Then you will need to locate the following code: Note: Since there are so many formats of displaying dates, you might not see the exact code, but something along this line. Replace it with:
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