Many of us who use WordPress like and enjoy to try new features and hacks! For example, to customize just about everything in WordPress, to improve features and layouts. I’m definitely one of them! When I’m not satisfied with fonts, colors or other elements on my website, I edit, remove or add new things. I usually use a Child theme which is the best way (my opinion) to customize a WordPress theme. But one thing that you usually don’t think about is your login page or login screen in WordPress! I bet your login page look like the default one! Looks a bit boring, right? There are a few different ways to customize the login page. One way to change the login logo is a to create a new logo and combine it with manually adding code to the WordPress theme’s functions.php file. Read more on how to Customizing the Login Form on WordPress. Or you can make use of WordPress plugins, which I intend to do today. Custom Login Customizer I use a free WordPress plugin Custom Login Customizer that recently was acquired by codeinwp. It looked like a simple-to-use plugin that anyone can make use of to add some creativity to the login screen. Let us give it a try! First thing you need to do is install and
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