Video backgrounds have become a popular design feature in recent times. When utilized properly, they can both entertain and inform users. Take PayPal, for example. Their use of a video background perfectly illustrates the convenience of using their services. The videos are simple and concise. I’d argue that they say more about the brand than a few paragraphs of text possibly could. Why? Because it has become the norm for so many of us to skip through the text and just navigate to where we need to go. PayPal’s well-made videos might just make you stop and pay attention to what’s happening on your screen. It helps create a connection with the brand. The good news is that it’s now pretty easy to add a video background to your WordPress-powered website. Let’s take a look at a plugin that will do the hard work for you. This post has been published as part of our Master Video in Web Design event. For more articles, tutorials and free files click here. Easy Video Background for WordPress Easy Video Background WP is a WordPress plugin (there’s also a JavaScript version available) that will allow you to add video backgrounds in either a site-wide or page-by-page basis. You can even use a shortcode.
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