When you are doing a comparison or writing a detailed post, sometime adding a table helps to deliver the message in the right way. In WordPress, there are multiple ways by which you can add tables in your blog post. One of the most popular plugin to add table in WordPress is TablePress, but you might not like to be dependent on a plugin for adding tables in 1-2 blog posts. Is int it? There are few alternate ways by which you can insert tables in WordPress, and today I will be sharing about one WordPress plugin which you should install now and it will enhance the functionality of your WordPress editor. If you are wondering why I used “insert tables without plugin”, here is the explanation: The plugin which I’m talking about is TinyMCE Advanced which enhances the feature of WordPress WYSIWYG editor, and even though you use this plugin to insert tables or do advance formatting, disabling the plugin will not affect your formatting. This plugin just helps you to do advanced customisation in post editor with the help of HTML and you can disable the plugin anytime. How to use TinyMCE Advanced to add Tables and format your blog post? After using this plugin I realised how essential this plugin
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