Whether you run a business website or a blog with multiple writers it’s important and I think it adds more value to show and present the people that are involved, working and available behind the scenes. I believe there is a much higher level of trust with a company or a website who profiles their employees or team members with great presentations. For a long time, I’ve had an idea to create a page with all the authors writing on the blog. Finally, I took the time to do it. The past week I installed and tested 10 free WordPress plugins (see all the plugin I tried, later in the post) to find a stylish way to present the authors who publish awesome articles here on WP Daily Themes. After countless hours of customization and configuration, I made my decision which plugin that I would use and the choice fell on a free plugin with the suitable name – Team Members. If you want to make a Meet The Team Page with the same plugin as I used, here is a simple tutorial: Make a Meet The Team Page with Team Members First thing you need to do is install and activate the free Team Members plugin. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > New Plugin Search for the Team Members plugin, install and
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