If you use WordPress as a publishing tool and platform, I am sure you know that you occasionally can or need to put your WordPress site into maintenance mode. Perhaps you re-build your website, changing the theme, or test new functionalities or other maintenance of your website. Then it’s great to be able to quickly put your website into maintenance mode and let your visitors and readers know what is going on on your website. There are different ways to use the Maintenance Mode. There are a lot of plugins, both free and premium which includes features that can help you create a simple or more advanced maintenance mode page. Or you can choose a method without plugins. Choose the option you feel comfortable with. First, I’ll show you the easiest and quickest way to put your website into maintenance mode in WordPress without a plugin. All you need is a few lines of code. Let’s get started. Maintenance Mode Without Plugin Log in to your WordPress website. Go to the tab Appearance – Editor. To the left, look up the file Theme Functions (functions.php). When you click on the file all content displays in the file functions.php and you can edit it. Copy the following code and paste it at the
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