I’m super passionate about admin user experience and finding ways to improve the usability of the WordPress dashboard for those tasked with managing site and its content. When I make sites for clients I believe the absolute biggest thing I can do for them isn’t make a pretty site or an accessible site or a fast loading site or a mobile friendly site or a feature rich site. I believe the most important thing I can do for the client is to give them a site that they are able to use and be productive with. A site in which they are able to login, add new content, be creative and promote their business. Everything else is secondary. Because of this belief, I’m always brainstorming new ideas for improving the overall experience for anyone logged into a WordPress site. One of those ideas is what I thought I’d share here as I just finished up an example that demonstrates that it is feasible. The problem One of the key issues I look for when it comes to admin user experience is anything that creates a disjointed, foreign looking interface which very obviously is generated by something besides WordPress core. I absolutely love plugins and themes which manage to integrate their UIs so tightly with
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