Have you ever wondered how big WordPress actually is? Or how wide its domination spreads across the web? … Is WordPress the Genghis Khan of content management systems? Okay, that last one is probably taking it too far. But nevertheless, WordPress has rightfully earned its place among other online CMS platforms, and not only that, but it has totally dominated that space ever since its release on May 27th 2003! Let’s take a look at what’s been going on with WordPress recently Starting with some interesting bits and pieces: #WordPress 4.1 gets roughly 1 million downloads every 2 days (Tweet This) #WordPress runs 4.5% of the entire internet (Tweet This) 1,420,000 new posts get published every single day on #WordPress.com (Tweet This) #WordPress 4.1 features 394,243 lines of code (Tweet This) Share This Image on Your Site Want to get even more interesting stats just like these? Sign up for our newsletter below and you’ll gain access to our exclusive
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