Drew Jaynes, who is leading the release cycle for WordPress 4.2 announced on the Make.WordPress.core blog, that a new community initiative has been launched called NUX or New User Experience. The group is made up of more than 15 members of the WordPress community who have experience in onboarding clients, training clients, and work with new users on a regular basis. According to the announcement, the group’s main task is as follows: The group will be tasked with helping to identify common pain points new users might experience using WordPress. The hope is to (re)invigorate the conversation about making NUX a priority in core decision-making. We’ll work together to identify problems and recommend solutions. With regards to 4.2, the group will brainstorm actionable goals and make recommendations to improve the new user experience throughout the WordPress backend. Jaynes says, “These changes would likely include improvements to contextual help on various screens, improvements to the content of the Welcome Panel, as well as adjustments to many other established workflows in core interfaces including the installation process.” Recommendations large and small will receive direct feedback
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