WordPress is not only the world’s most popular platform for building websites, it’s an open source project contributed to by millions. Some do so directly via WordPress’ Make WordPress programs, but most contribute indirectly through their usage patterns and participation across a sprawling online community; a topic I covered in my last post. As a result, the future of WordPress is not in one person’s mind, waiting to be revealed to the masses. Instead, it is hidden in the outcome of a hundred shifting conversations and debates among us, WordPress users and contributors. Which is why I believe the best way to influence the future of WordPress is by being an important part of the conversation and contributing good ideas (and/or code). In today’s post I want to highlight some of what I believe to be the most interesting conversations shaping the future of WordPress in 2015 and provide ways for you to get involved with each one. The conversations I’ve highlighted below are not the only important conversation happening within the WordPress Community. However, these are some of the conversations that I feel are primed to shake things up in the very near future. Let’s dig in. WordPress as
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