Today, I’m excited to finally have Matt Mullenweg join us on the Matt Report podcast. We’re going to satisfy our typical entrepreneur appetite by diving into his day-to-day routine and we’ll learn what it’s like being the CEO of Automattic. Want to know where Mullenweg’s vision for WordPress is going to take us? No problem, we’ve got you covered. For those of you interested in the nitty-gritty of the WordPress community, we’ll discuss his take on .com vs .org and our latest debate — the purpose of the Jetpack plugin. My interview with Matt Mullenweg The WordPress Entrepreneur Booking Matt on the show was a result from one of my more spirited comments over on WP Tavern’s piece, How important is Jetpack on WordPress’ road to 50% market share? I’ve told you how to make it in WordPress and achieving Greatness here isn’t easy. My thoughts expressed in this discussion with Mullenweg are a culmination of my experiences in the WordPress marketplace over the last few years. We all walk a different path in our professional journey and that’s what creates our unique finger print or identity. My intentions in this episode are that of someone who continues to work hard to build a brand and attractive
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