He loves to take opportunities with a learning curve and he enjoys what he does. He is a core web developer and a moderator par excellence. With more than 6 years of hands-on experience in developing WordPress websites, he has built an enduring clientele. Mostly, the experienced WordPress developers tend to give back to the community by contributing in forums and communities and he is no different. He is the moderator at WordPress Stack Exchange. He is also the admin of three large WordPress groups on Google+. He is none other than Thomas Scholz. Cloudways: Thomas, your eventful professional journey led you from journalism to political science and then to a project research on “contractualism”. Then, came web development. What made you stick to web development? How was this experience? When did you find about WordPress? Thomas Scholz: My best talent is probably pattern recognition. Web development is all about patterns: log files, efficient stylesheets, user behavior. You have to see how and why events follow a pattern. I am enjoying that. So, web development looked like a good way to make money. I came to WordPress in 2008 or so. I have written my own tiny CMS already and one of my
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