We’ve made something for you. It’s the future of WordPress. Really. Technically, it’s a parent and child theme combo. In practice it’s a completely new way to customize and run a WP site, entirely from your front-end. Which is why it’s called ‘Upfront’. And you can try it right now. Not a member yet? Head over to our demo site, Upfront.pro to select a theme. Spirit is kinda nice. Turn on Upfront by clicking on ‘Customize Theme with Upfront’ in the top right, or just click here to go straight to Upfront in action. [shameless promotion]Oh, and if you like it, we’re giving away 50% off all yearly memberships, for new and existing users (even on your renewals!), just click here to take it up.[/shameless promotion] So why does WordPress need Upfront? Of course there are a lot of drag and drop theme builders, creators, composers and alike out there. From Headway to Pagelines via Divi past iThemes Builder en route to Themify and onto, naturally, the ever present Visual Composer. But let’s be honest, these are, as a rule, not actually front-end, nor are they at all easy to use, and, perhaps most importantly, they just don’t stand up against the competition. Competition, but I thought they were
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