Layers is the latest WordPress theme with page building as the core feature. Obox has made a heck of an effort to ship 1.0, and while I have some issues, I’m incredibly impressed with the overall user experience. I think Obox has created something that’s worth checking out, though I think this market has plenty of maturing to do yet. Layers is a product released by Obox today that aims to integrate page building into the WordPress experience. Layers has the absolute best onboarding process I’ve seen in any tool like this. Also, the experience for creating new pages is very nice. While I have many disagreements with certain choices they made from a design perspective, overall I am very impressed with what they have done for the page building user experience. Layers user experience sets a high bar Layers has some very “wow” worthy features. I am very impressed with Obox’s onboarding. Upon theme activation, it takes you straight to a progressive walk-through that helps you learn about and setup Layers. It includes videos that operate like playable GIFs that show you what it’s referencing in each stage. The editor itself is also impressive. Layers are managed totally through the customizer.
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