An obvious marketing strategy to promote our WordPress Nelio A/B testing service was to get as many external reviews of the product as possible. We soon realized that quite a few of the popular WordPress news sites only do paid reviews. Fair enough, we tried to gauge the size and profile of the audience of each site and chose some of them for a paid product review. In the end, paying between 200-400 USD for a paid review should get you a good ROI considering the huge (theoretically) impact of that review for your business, shouldn’t it? Well, not exactly. In hindsight, the result of those all paid reviews have been extremely disappointing (minus one exception detailed below). These are some of the things we have painfully learnt in the process. Some may seem obvious (now) and if I had to earn my living with a WordPress news site I’d probably behave the same way myself. So, the goal of this post is not to say they are evil but to be a warning for new WordPress developers excited to get the word out of their new products and ask them to reconsider where to spend their (probably little) marketing money. It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll get your money back from direct purchases coming
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