Of the many gifts that Automattic has given this community, Jetpack is definitely one of the greatest. Jetpack is an all-in-one suite of tools, including services that run on WordPress.com’s servers, for free, that couldn’t be handled by the kind of $5 per month shared hosting packages many users start with. If it wasn’t for this plugin helping to ease the onboarding of new users, WordPress would not be where it is today. Automattic has gained a lot from this: they are a company, with a simple objective to make money, pay salaries, and provide a quality return on investment to their investors. The fact that they have satisfied those needs while giving so much back to the WordPress community is something that should be praised — not criticized for its pragmatic combination of profit-driven goals and community building. Chris Lema recently published a great article explaining why most detractors of Jetpack fail to understand the point of it, and that these people simply are not the target audience for the plugin. As Chris points out, Jetpack’s detractors are “a group of people highly skilled in finding, using, and even creating plugins for the platform.” However, these people represent
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