Not quite a month ago, I mentioned that I was going to begin open sourcing the themes (and potentially plugins) that we sell on Right now, this is only a single theme (though others are in development and I’ll talk more about that later). As of today, Mayer for along with the three (yep, the only three) outstanding issues for the next milestone are available on GitHub. The initial post was met with some great conversation via both the comments and tweets – some pushback, some not – but I’m excited to see where this goes and I do feel that this is the best decision, for now, with respect to this particular theme. Why Open Source a Premium Theme? The way I see it, though I know not everyone does, is that the theme itself is open source by default. How easy it is to access the source code is another story, but it falls under the GPL (or a compatible) license which means that the source code is able to be freely distributed. The advantage to this means that all of the work that the team and I have backlogged for this project (and for future projects) is publicly visible if for no other reason that for accountability. Ideally though, we’d be able to benefit from
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