Image sliders seem to be the cool “in” thing that everyone wants. They’re splashy, flashy and do make a big visual impact. However, all that splash and flash often comes with the costs of a slower site and maybe a bit of a hit on our SEO efforts. The SEO issues are unclear, though it seems Google may be putting less importance on textual content being above the fold. I’ve read lots of opinions but not seen much real data. I generally try to make sites that follow whatever vague guidelines Google deems to share with us. But, let’s face it, visitors come first. And, clients, who demand the latest shiny new thing, ultimately have the last say on our projects. For me, it was trying to bring new life into a somewhat stale site. The pictures are mostly mine, so I have much more control over image size. A number of competing sites were using sliders and I thought it might be worth using a simple slider plugin. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. Searching for a simple slider plugin I guess I expected to install a simple slider plugin, upload a few pictures and have something fairly decent within an hour or two. The sheer volume of different plugins quickly told me how naive I
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