If your website has outgrown your basic hosting plan, it’s probably time to upgrade and move to a new, bigger and better server. The WordPress Codex has a guide to moving WordPress, but it contains so much information that it’s overwhelming and difficult to follow. Luckily, whether you’re trying to migrate a single site or a Multisite network, moving to a new server follows the same basic process. While it is a little fiddly and it does take some time, when you’re finished you will have more breathing space for your site to grow. If you follow the steps below, you should be able to make the move error-free – and you may even find it fun. Let’s find out. Basic Housekeeping Before you do anything it’s a great idea to backup your entire site. If anything goes wrong, you can quickly restore your site and everything will be back to normal. There are many ways to make an automatic backup, such as with our Snapshot plugin or manually using FTP. If you need a bit more direction, you can take a look at the WordPress Codex’s Backup page. Once you have your extra backup, you’re all set to start the migration. Download Your Site’s Files Fire up your favorite FTP program and enter in your site’s
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