Share this post: 9 0 0 0 It’s not often I go a day without checking out my social media pages, and I assume many of you are the same way. Whether you flip through your Facebook feed to click on the onslaught of Buzzfeed posts or you mosey around on Twitter to catch up on the hottest news, there is certainly plenty of time wasted on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. But why not use these social networks to learn something new? Following blogs is great to improve your knowledge on WordPress, but there are plenty of pages and groups on social media sites that bring together strong groups of people to share thoughts on WordPress topics such as SEO, plugins, development, and more. The Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn groups for WordPress are quite plentiful, but you have to kind of sift through the mess on all of these sites to find the ones that suit you best. For example, many of these groups go stagnant after a while so there is no point in following them, while others are filled with weird spam. Regardless, when you find a solid social group about WordPress with tons of people talking, you can create business relationships and improve your knowledge along the way. We did the work
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