Keeping the functionality out of WordPress themes has gone too far. I’m not against the philosophy, but I do question how it’s beneficial from the perspective of a new user (and perhaps, time-deprived entrepreneur). These days I have very little time, let alone extra time to build a new theme. And believe me, as someone who rolls 90% of my own code, if I had the time, I would. I work as a developer building WordPress things for CG Cookie by day, and by night we work on building our ecosystem over at Aesop Story Engine, and our newest project, Story.AM. So I decided, I’d just download a theme from ThemeForest instead of building a new one. We need a stand-alone site for the editor that we’ve built for Story.AM. It needed to have support for EDD at the minimum. I found a beautiful theme on ThemeForest, activated it in WordPress, then was shocked to see that it recommended I install 12 different plugins (not including EDD, but including Simple Custom CSS, which I found odd). I really just wanted to install the theme, and setup my content, and have it look like the demo. But after installing, it wasn’t anything like the demo. Distributed trust is not sustainable I’m not putting trust into
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